Obrazek nagłówkowy

About us

Our company has existed since 1992 and since the beginning we have been engaged in designing and constructing machines and devices for road fancy goods.    
At the start we made set mould of pavements, lawn borders, road kerbs and foundation blocks.
Changes becoming in our country has caused an inc reasing number of technologies of manufacturing concrete elements and moreover a necessity of constructing machines which can make the best quality products.
In 1993 the idea of designing a block machine came to our minds. Our block machine, called WJ 94, was constructed at the beginning of 1994 with a great participation of the City Plant of Builiding Elements in Lodz. It has been manufactured till now although some changes and modifications have been introduced. In 2000 we started constructing two bigger block machines at the same time. The first one, WJ 2000, the second one WJ 2001. They differ from each other in size and a way of operating and manufacturing process.
Besides of block machines we also make machines for producing cardboard containers. These are a cutter-roll forming machine (a cardboard machine), a punching slot machne and a cylindrical cutter.
We also can do turning, milling and tool works.
Our machines and products are reliable and easy to service what can be confirmed by a great number of our customers.