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Machines for producing cardboard containers

CUTTER-ROLL FORMING MACHINE (a cardboard bending machine) type KG 2000

t serves to burnishing and cutting to any size of cardboard used as separators, straps, packaging etc.

It consists of two shafts, supporting structure with a work table and a power unit. There are burnishers on the first pair of shafts which make a contra -cardboard bending; knives and guide rolls are fixed on the second pair of shafts. Burnishers,knives and guide rolls are seperated and they can be installed to each shaft in any amound without neccessity of disassambly of shafts and it doesn't limit a working wigth of a machine and moreover it allows to set up a distance between the parts in a horizontal plane. Distances between them in a vertical plane are also regulated and that gives us possibility of cardboard burnishing and cutting of different thickness.



Working width 2100 do 3000 mm
Height / length / width 1200 / 1500 / 2500 do 3500 mm
Weight ca. 750 kg
Operating speed of cardboard ca. 3 m/s
Installed capacity 2 kW
A number of burnishing 4 pairs
A number of cutters 4 pairs
A number of guide rolls 2 pairs
Servicing personal 1 person